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70 Super Record EPS Bike

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Lightness and technology, without compromise.
Pure stiffness, superior performance.
Aerodynamics, fast by tradition.

A 730 gram frame, lightweight, elegant, aerodynamic.
22 months from idea to development with obsessive attention to every single detail.
The design is signed by Pininfarina, a solid all-Italian partnership.
Heart and emotions, without compromise.
The result: the most advanced De Rosa bike of all time.

The high-modulus carbon is smoothly and progressively distributed throughout the frame.
From the 12K view of the carriage and its defined texture, moving on to the 1K that fades
unidirectionally over the body of the frame, in its entirety. Technically, reduced weight and an unprecedented optical effect. Stiffness is what has always characterised the bikes of the heart.

The headset tube has no edges, thus no interference with aerodynamic flow. A gentle shape, a "cradle" that perfectly accommodates and integrates all the cables.
The look is clean, the frontal impact is incisive: OFFSET ZERO.
The top tube has a linear continuity, is slightly sloping and creates a perfect proportion with the seat tube, which is top-notch: hexagonal, edged, ready to cut through the wind.
But the real revolution is in the rear carriage: a true masterpiece of technique and knowledge.
The angles impose themselves, the weight is reduced, the air flows away.
Let's get down to the bottom bracket shell, sinuous, polished. Futuristic and solid at the same time.
Thanks to extensive testing with the latest software, the CX coefficient is the best ever.